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Why enrol for our Maths Revision programme?

Course Outline

Knowing how to use a calculator efficiently and accurately is an important skill to have, not only for the Maths exam but for science exams too. GCSE Maths requires confident use of the special functions on a scientific calculator which are rarely taught! Our revision session will provide targeted questions to help you practice and improve your calculator use.

Algebraic concepts are taught from primary school however, many students still struggle to apply their knowledge when solving multi-step problems. Consistent practice of algebra questions is crucial to fully understanding the concepts however; this can be tough and overwhelming when constantly learning new topics like simultaneous equations, and completing the square. Our revision session will focus on targeted past paper practice for the Foundation and Higher course for a range of exam boards.

Come to our GCSE Maths revision course!

You will cover:

  • How to use a calculator (Casio fx-83GTX “Classwiz”)
  • Algebra (Higher)
    – Algebraic concepts such as simplifying and expanding
    – Substitution into formulae and expressions
    – Manipulating algebraic expressions: solving equations (surds and algebraic fractions)
    – Forming and rearranging formulae
    – Factorising using a common term and quadratics (difference of two squares, completing the square, quadratic formula)
    – Proofs
    – Inverse and composite functions
  • Solving multi-step problems
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