Maths: Key Stage 1



Building a strong mathematical foundation, the formula for success.


Course Outline

The first year of school can be a huge transition for children. This first foray into academic life can form their attitude to learning which can stay with them throughout their schooling life. For this year in school, we emphasise how much fun learning can be. There are numerous stimuli to ensure that your child is engaged with all the new concepts and skills they are developing.

  • Recognition of numbers
  • Ordering and sequencing including the use of a number line
  • Identification of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Basic core calculations
Maths Tutoring

Year 1

Course Outline

  • Differentiate division, multiplication, addition and subtraction
  • Introduction to words equations and problem solving
  • Independent mathematical reasoning
  • Confidently tackle sequencing, place value and whole numbers

Year 2

Course Outline

  • Mental calculations
  • Confidently tackle four operation questions
  • Measurement and telling the time
  • Drawing, recognising and naming Shapes
  • Fluency with place value, whole numbers, counting and patterns

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