English: Key Stage 1



It is all starts with the word. We make sure it is read, written and heard.


Course Outline

The first year of school can be a huge transition for children. This first foray into academic life can form their attitude to learning which can stay with them throughout their schooling life. For this year in school we emphasise how much fun learning can be. There is numorous stimili to ensure that your child is engaged with all the new concepts and skills they are developing.

  • Recognition and ordering of the alphabet

  • Practicing basic blends and connecting them to common words

  • Sounding out new words independantly

  • Spelling new words and correct letter formation

English Tutoring

Year 1

Course Outline

  • Sound out unfamiliar words and blends
  • Common letter sounds and exceptions in multi-syllable words
  • Read and independently identify basic words
  • Read contractions
  • Accurate handwriting
  • Practice spelling is known and new words

Year 2

Course Outline

  • Apply phonemic knowledge to decode unknown words
  • Read and understand the meaning of words of 2 more syllables
  • Understand suffixes and read words with suffixes
  • Increase speed and accuracy for spelling and reading
  • Understand and retain details from stories to answer comprehension questions

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